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@amyflyingakite’s winter coat inspired us, here’s our picks from @HeritageRow & @Hangr16
Vanderbilt Coat by BB Dakota 
Hanover Stripe Blanket Coat by Quiksilver 
Click here for more of Amy’s style on her blog, 'flying a kite'

@amyflyingakite’s winter coat inspired us, here’s our picks from @HeritageRow & @Hangr16

Vanderbilt Coat by BB Dakota

Hanover Stripe Blanket Coat by Quiksilver

Click here for more of Amy’s style on her blog, 'flying a kite'

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ShopNear.Me Presents: 1 Day Left - Rocker Chic, Hello 2013!

It’s here. 2013 is a mere twelve hours away and we just want to start celebrating already! But, before we let you pop that champagne and dance your shoes off until the first sunrise of 2013, here are a few tips for a fabulous night.

1. Stay warm outside, it’s still Decem-brrr. It gets cold at night, so make sure you have a coat to throw over yourself before/after the midnight shenanigans.
2. Drink like a classy lady. We get it: having a few drinks is standard for a lot of people on NYE. It’s good to loosen up and have some fun, but know your limit! You don’t want to be that one girl vomiting on the side of the street surrounded by thousands of folks. Pace yourself, stick to one beverage choice the entire night and drink AT LEAST one glass of water per alcoholic beverage.
3. Don’t go behind the wheel after those shots of tequil’. Seriously, we can’t stress it enough: don’t drink and drive. Check out your local public transportation; they make it SO easy for you to get home safely.
4. As always… if you feel fabulous, you’ll look fabulous. This is your year, and no one can take that away from you. 100% confidence in yourself and your abilities will make this night, and the rest of the year, an incredible experience. Let’s show 2013 what we’re made of!

Va-va-boom. For our final outfit, we chose this absolutely gorgeous Trina Turk Lace Dress from Rue Atelier. This metallic lace is perfect for those of you who prefer to stay away from sequins. Anyone will turn heads in this beauty.

Next, we decided to take an unexpected turn and finish off this outfit with a rocker-esque look. We paired the lace dress with this Kill City Free Ride Moto Jacket from HANGR 16. The slouchiness of the jacket falls well with the cut of the dress. Lastly, we spiked it up with this RKNewYork Spiked Leather Clutch from Circle & Square. The combination of this darker look with the dress might seem bizarre to you, but once assembled, looks effortlessly amazing.

Your final outfit for 2012 is complete! It’s been a great year, but we know next year is going to be even better. Go get ready for your amazing night and be safe.

ShopNear.Me wishes you an amazing 2013!

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ShopNear.Me Presents: 2 Day Outfit Countdown - Sultry In Shorts

Two days until the big 1-3, and we’re bringing back the sequins for today and tomorrow. Our goal? Have you shine BRIGHTER than the new year (and diamonds too, sorry RiRi)! We present to you: Sultry in Shorts.

When sequins on shorts is done tastefully, the result can be stunning. We chose these BB Dakota Elisha Sequin Shorts from HANGR 16. (Who wears short shorts? We do!) To give the outfit a more good-girl look, we added this beautiful Wendy Katien Lace Collared Blouse, also from HANGR 16. We prefer the blouse tucked into the shorts, but to each her own!

Next, we paired these striking Firework Earrings from Britta Ambauen Jewelry and added this extra cozy cute QSW Central Jacket (with detachable sleeves!) from HANGR 16. To complete the outfit, we recommend some funky heels (these are cute) to go with the overall color scheme. 

Our outfit is complete! Remember, if you like anything you see here, it’s available for purchase on our website, ShopNear.Me. Come check it out!

See you tomorrow for our final outfit, and for our final day of 2012!


29 12 / 2012

ShopNear.Me Presents: 3 Day Outfit Countdown - Sequins Goddess

Only three more days left until 2013? We can’t believe this year is already coming to an end, but we’re SO excited to celebrate 2013, the year of the snake! To celebrate the end of 2012, ShopNear.Me started a Ten Day Outfit Countdown, and now that we’re on Day Three, it’s only necessary to end the year with a bang!

We proudly present to you our sassiest and sexiest outfits, reserved for the final days of 2012. At this rate, 2013 better be prepared for the storm of women taking over the world!

Day 3

We’re starting this outfit with this sparkly show-stopper Finders Keepers Dare to Dream Dress from HANGR 16. The front of the dress is beautiful by itself, but turn it around and you really see why this dress is so fabulous. Ah, ain’t she a babe?

Since the dress is already so unbelievable as it is, we figured a simple blazer and clutch combo would do the trick. We paired the sparkly goodness with this Silk Navy QSW Blazer from HANGR 16 and this Isly Heera Black Silk Clutch from Circle & Square.

To garnish off the outfit, we chose these elegant Grace Chandelier Earrings from Covet Boutique. The gold is a good contrast with the navy dress and matches the sweet clutch without being too overwhelming. Perfection!

Tune in tomorrow for Day 02 - we can’t believe it’s almost the new year!


28 12 / 2012

ShopNear.Me Presents: Day 04; Outfit 07 - Desert Bohemian Groove

With only four days left of 2012, we’re starting to slow our pace down in order to prepare for the adventures 2013 will bring us. Wanderers and vagabonds, we present to you our Bohemian Groove.

Day 04; Outfit 07

Let’s just say the world ended like the Mayan calendar predicted and you were one of the select few to have miraculously survived, couldn’t you imagine yourself walking around the post-apocolyptic desert world wearing this beautiful flow-y chiffon maxi? We totally could, you desert post-apocolyptic princess! Okay, crazy imagination aside, this maxi is stunning, apocalypse or not, and we had to add it to our countdown. We paired this Show Me Your Mumu Maxi with this cashmere (mmmmm) Caravan Sweater, both from HANGR 16.

To complete our boho-babe look, we added this luxurious faux fur handbag. If you’re about to adventure out into the world, you need a killer bag, and this Gunas Rockstar Fur from Circle & Square is it.

Isn’t this Bohemian-inspired outfit a beaut? All of this amazing merchandise is available for purchase on our website, ShopNear.Me! Our three-day countdown starts tomorrow, so make sure to tune in! It’s necessary to end 2012 with a bang.

Au revoir,

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ShopNearMe Presents: Day 05; Outfit 06 - Winter Flower Bloom

We can’t believe this. Our countdown is halfway complete, which means there are only five days left until we start 2013! We know we’ve been incorporating a lot of darks and neutrals into our previous outfits (it’s winter, not us!) so we decided to add a little flavor into our countdown. Enjoy this outfit we’d like to call: Winter Flower Bloom.

Day 05; Outfit 06

Aren’t these two so refreshing? The pants are like a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (delish!) and combined with this peasant blouse… ah, so beautiful. Like the look? The pants are these Paige Premium Verdugo Corduroys from HANGR 16 and the blouse is this Wendy Katlen Floral Peasant Blouse also from HANGR 16

Since the blouse is already embellished, we didn’t find it necessary to add too much jewelry so we stuck with these simple yet stylish Stalactite Drop Earrings from HANGR 16. Then, we completed the outfit with these Terra Ashanti Leather Claudia Ciuti Heels from Catherine Jane

This outfit is ridiculously #hashtagcute. Doesn’t it feel nice to throw in a little color into your wardrobe on these cold winter days? We definitely think so.

Remember, all of this is available on our website, ShopNear.Me. Come check our website out, we have some nifty San Francisco finds!

Ciao for now,